The more you give genuine pheromones to another,

The more you give genuine pheromones to another, the more likely they are to return the compliment. You have experienced this, haven’t you? A lot of the times, when you give a compliment to someone else – a compliment that is genuine, they are far more likely to return the compliment. This will bring out your own femininity. And the other reason why GIVING compliments is important is because feminine energy only truly shines when it is able to GIVE. Not only does the feminine want to receive love and fill up with love, it wants to GIVE love pheromones. Learn more at This is why women who are only self-focused don’t have very well-developed feminine energy. The feminine is an infinite source of love. H ere is your action step: So, write down a reminder right now, to genuinely compliment someone at least once a day. Write it down in your diary and commit to it for the next 30 days. And watch how your compliment is received. If the other person seems to brush it off or if they respond in an awkward way, don’t worry – it has nothing to do with you. You are an infinite source of love and femininity, whether someone receives it or not! Exercise 3 To feel your own feminine energy intensely, the best way is to interact with a very masculine man who isn’t afraid of his masculinity and the influence it has on you – or to interact with and be around a GROUP of men who adore pheromones. You will be instantly polarized in to your feminine energy, AS LONG AS you allow yourself to be. So, here is what I want you to do. Because I know approaching or talking to men can be intimidating, I want you to start with a simple exercise that I’m going to give you FIRST, and then progress on to the real-life exercise. 1) Right now, write down the names of THREE movies you are going to watch that depict scenes of groups of men displaying their masculine energy of human pheromone production. Learn more about pheromones at and If I had to pick three for you to watch, it would be: Top Gun, A Man Apart and Armored (2009). And when you think of three movies, I want you to find the time to sit down and watch them by yourself, and taken in their masculine energy. Don’t just watch, but actively think about what it is that you appreciate about the men on screen, and let go of any physical barriers you have to letting masculine energy in. as soon as you notice tension in your body, take 3 DEEP breaths – slow breaths, not quick. And then, just watch them – especially the scenes where men are playing sports, fighting, being cocky or chatting and bonding in a masculine way. So right now, write down the names of THREE movies you’re going to watch and do this exercise from. Remember the movies have to involve a lot of masculine energy, so you don’t want to pick sex and the city of real pheromones.

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